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February Exhibit

February 12, 2018

LEWIS HAYDEN and the UNDERGROUND RAILROAD” a traveling exhibit provided by the Commonwealth Museum, is making a stop at the Harvard Public Library for the month of February.

Lewis Hayden was one of the most prominent 19th century Black activists in Boston. He began life as a slave in Kentucky and after a daring escape, settled in Boston 1849 and opened a clothing shop. A stop on the Underground Railroad, Hayden’s home on Beacon Hill sheltered over 100 fugitive slaves in their journey to freedom. During the Civil War Hayden helped recruit soldiers for the heroic 54th Regiment and later served in the Massachusetts Legislature, advocating tirelessly for women’s voting rights. 

The exhibit is located on in the hallway leading to Volunteers Hall on the second floor of the library.

Commonwealth Museum

Located in the State Archives Building in Boston, the Commonwealth Museum brings Massachusetts stories to life with state of the art interactive exhibits. Its dramatic “treasures gallery” holds the great historic documents that protect our liberties. 

Commonwealth Museum