Kathy Elkind discusses book: To Walk It Is To See It


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Kathy Elkind discusses book: To Walk It Is To See It

Thu., 10/12/23 7:00 pm

Kathy Elkind discusses her book, To Walk It Is to See It

In 2018, Kathy Elkind and her husband decided to take a grown-up “gap year” in Europe and walk the 1,400-mile Grande Randonnée Cinq (GR5) across The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France.

At fifty-seven, Kathy has chosen comfort over hardship: Unlike the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Coast Trail, the GR5 winds from village to village instead of campsite to campsite. She and Jim get to indulge in warm beds and delicious regional food every night and croissants in the mornings. The GR5 is not all comfort. Walking day after day for ninety-eight days bring sickness, accommodation struggles, language barriers, and storm-shrouded mountains in the Alps. Meanwhile, Kathy finds herself reflecting on difficult topics; primarily, her struggles with dyslexia, overeating, and shame. She discovers her own wise strength; and as the days unfold, she comes to the gratifying realization that a long marriage is like a long trail: there are ups and downs and it takes hard work to keep going, but the beauty along the way is staggering.   

Published by She Writes Press, Aug 15th, 2023. ISBN 978-1-64742-525-8

For more information: www.KathyElkind.com To Walk It Is To See It