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Warner Free Lecture Series

Mike Taylor

Volunteers Hall  - Free

Fri., 1/11/19 7:30 pm

Mike Taylor: Large Multi-Hull Yacht Construction 

Friday, January 11, 2019 – 7:00 p.m.

Boatbuilder, veteran sailor, and Harvard resident Mike Taylor will discuss large multi-hull construction and the development of the use of foils in sailing yachts.

Please join the Warner Free Lecture Trust as we welcome local Harvard resident, Mike Taylor, on the topic of The Popularity of MultiHull Design in Custom Yacht Construction.
Multihull vessels such as catamarans are a relatively recent introduction to the design of boats for both leisure and sport sailing, although they have been used for millennia in Oceania, where Polynesian catamarans and outrigger canoes allowed seafaring Polynesians to settle the world's most far-flung islands. In recreational sailing, catamarans and multihulls, in general, have been met by a degree of skepticism from Western sailors accustomed to more "traditional" monohull designs. The main source of that skepticism was that multihulls were based on concepts that were completely alien and strange to them, with balance based on geometry rather than weight distribution. The second source of that skepticism is that catamarans and other multihull designs work better than traditional designs, and with less weight, therefore ridiculing the traditional concepts. They are used as racing, sailing, tourist and fishing boats. In the realm of fast ferries, where their powering characteristics and spacious arrangements are of value, the catamaran has become arguably the hull form of first choice. About 70% of fast passenger and car-passenger ferries are catamarans. (Source: New World Encyclopedia)

Mr. Taylor will share his experiences gained during his impressive 50+ years in boat design and construction, surveying and consulting, specifically his work with multihull vessels. Audience Q&A will follow his presentation.

Mike Taylor was born and raised in central Maine and graduated from Maine Maritime Academy with a BS in Marine Engineering. In 1974, Mike joined the Sea Education Association, Woods Hole, MA. He still remains active in the organization as Chair of the Marine Committee and was key in building two new 135’ brigantine sailing vessels for the organization. After two years sailing around the world, Mike took a position as chief engineer/mate aboard the Regina Maris of Boston and sailed from Athens to NYC where they were part of the 1976 Tall Ships parade. 
Having a wide range of experience on all types of vessels, Mike began his inspection/consulting business, and moved to Boston to work for a large survey/insurance firm on its large yacht portfolio for 13 years. Most recently, he worked with a top multihull design firm, based in Paris, as engineering manager for their large custom yacht division for 14 years. 
Mike lives in Harvard with his wife Ann and their two dogs.

Warner Free Lectures are always free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served.

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