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A Universe of Songs and Stories with Davis Bates & Roger Tincknell ~ All Ages*

Registration begins June 13.

Thu., 7/11/19 3:00 pm
registration required

Parents’ Choice Award winning performers Davis Bates & Roger Tincknell will present this participatory program of stories and songs for all ages. A Universe of Songs and Stories is an exciting family oriented program that explores a variety of cultural traditions.  Hear how the stars came to be in the sky, how foam came to be in the ocean and be prepared to sing, move and dance.  There will be plenty of sing-alongs, a short lesson on how to play the musical spoons and an appearance by a dancing wooden dog named Bingo.

Seats are limited – please pre-register. Registration begins June 13.

To pre-register for summer programs, Harvard residents may call the Children’s Room at (978) 456 – 2381not more than four weeks ahead.

Nonresidents may register for programs one week in advance of the event, provided that there is space available. Please call ahead to confirm whether programs have available space.