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Virtual “Challenge Trivia” Family Event with The Trivia Brothers – All Ages

Thu., 4/8/21 6:30 pm
registration required


We had such a great time in February with the Trivia Brothers that we decided to bring them back for an April event!

Gather together your family, form a team, and enjoy this awesome virtual trivia event presented by Brett and Nik Outchcunis, also known as The Trivia Brothers!  The Trivia Brothers ran an amazingly fun trivia night for us in February, and we are super excited to (virtually) bring them back to Harvard!

Brett and Nik provided this information about how Challenge Trivia works:

Enjoying an episode of “Challenge! Trivia” is easy. Here’s what you need to know:

  • First and foremost, you will need two devices in order to enjoy the optimal experience - a computer (to join the Zoom meeting) and a smart phone or tablet (to play the game).
  • Teams can be comprised of individual or multiple players. Recommended team size is 3-6 players. If members of a team are in separate locations, we suggest arranging a conference call during the game.
  • Important! Each team will use only one smart phone or tablet to enter the game and submit the answers.
  • Use the Zoom link provided by the library to connect. Your link will be available the day of your episode.
  • We strongly suggest using a computer to enter the meeting and view the episode.
  • (“Virtual doors” to the waiting room will open 10 minutes prior to the start of the game and the game will begin promptly at the advertised start time.)
  • Although it’s not mandatory, the Trivia Brothers suggest joining the meeting with video on so they can interact with you!
  • Then, once the episode officially starts, the Trivia Brothers will tell you how to register (using your smart phone or tablet) so you can play!

Don’t worry, there is no special app to play, simply a website that will be announced once you are in the event.

Registration is required; the Zoom link will be emailed to registrants the day prior to the program.  Priority registration is given to Harvard residents/HES students.  Nonresidents may register for this program one week in advance of the event, provided that there is space available.

Send an email to to register for this awesome program.