Book Spine Poetry Contest!


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Book Spine Poetry Contest!

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Tue., 6/2/20 10:15 am

Happy National Poetry Month!

Did you know that you can use books to create poetry?

One of our librarians created the poem below by arranging the books so that when the titles are read from top to bottom, they make a poem.

My Not So Perfect Life
Lost Among the Living
Just Listen
The Raging Quiet
A Swiftly Tilting Planet
Carry On

(Ok, so social distancing MIGHT be getting to a few of us )

Now we challenge YOU to come up with a book spine poem, with the titles you have around the house.

You can use children's books, nonfiction, adult titles- any books you can find! These poems can be serious or funny, the only requirement is that you be creative and have fun.

Snap a photo and send it to and we will post your poems here for the community to vote on! 

The winner will receive bragging rights and the opportunity to create 10 free buttons with our button machines once the library reopens to the public.

So get creating!

Looking for inspiration? Check out our Book Spine Poetry Examples album, with examples created by members of the Teen Advisory Board over the last couple of years.