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Patrons are able to see what passes are available and pass details below. Please call the library at 978-456-4114 for more information and also check with each Museum's website ticketing instructions.
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: Mass Audubon & The House of Seven Gables!

Museum Passes

All Museum Passes are provided by the Friends of the Harvard Public Library

If you would like to contribute to help us continue to offer museum passes please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Friends. You can donate below using PayPal or a credit card.

Museum Pass Policy

  • Harvard Public Library makes available a variety of museum passes to any individual holding a library card that is in good standing.
  • Harvard residents may reserve passes up to two weeks in advance, nonresidents may borrow passes on a walk-in basis. Reservations for passes are limited to two reservations per family per week (only one per day and no more than one per weekend). During school vacation weeks one reservation per family will be accepted.
  • Passes may be borrowed for one day and passes that are hard copy must be returned BEFORE the library opens on the following business day. For your convenience passes may be returned in the bookdrop. Certain museums have downloadable digital passes or paper passes, in which case there is no return necessary.
  • For hard copy passes, a patron who returns a pass late will be charged a $1.00 late fee. In addition, if another patron is denied using a pass because it has not been returned on time, the late charge will equal the cost of one admission to the museum plus $1.00.
  • Patrons who reserve a pass and fail to pick it up or to cancel within an hour of the library opening will be charged according the fine schedule for passes returned late (see above).
  • The charge for a lost pass is $10.00.