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Yo-Yos, Music, and Dance with Ooch ~ K-6th grade (but all are welcome)*

Tue., 7/18/17 3:00 pm
registration required

Come see the show that has been getting rave reviews from libraries all over the state!  Featuring Brett Outchcunis (aka Ooch), this awesome, high energy show is half yo-yo tricks and half dance party, geared to kids in kindergarten through 6th grade (but all ages are welcome!).  During the first part of the show, Ooch performs some of his favorite yo-yo tricks as well as takes requests from the audience.  The second part of the show is “dance.”  In Ooch's world “dance” can mean MANY things like follow-along dance (where the audience copies Ooch's movements to the music – or vice versa), popular line dances such as the Cupid Shuffle, Cotton Eyed Joe, Cha Cha Slide & others, Body Rhythms (STOMP), Freeze Dance and even Hula Hoops to music – all to popular songs requested by the audience.  And every now and then Ooch has also been known to sprinkle in a fun contest or two such as Limbo and Coke & Pepsi... 

Please pre-register.  To pre-register for summer programs, Harvard residents may call the Children’s Room at (978) 456 – 2381, not more than four weeks ahead.

Nonresidents may register for programs one week in advance of the event, provided that there is space available. Please call ahead to confirm whether programs have available space.