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Morningstar, Inc. is the premier source of investment research, including stock & fund analysis, reports & tools, as well as company, investing & financial news.  

Getting Started

  • Login with your HPL Card Number with no spaces and if it begins with a "D" use a capital D.
    • Please note: If your Harvard Public Library Card begins with a “D”, and you have difficulty logging in please contact the Reference Desk 978-456-4114 or for an alternate login number.
  • To sign-up for training webinars, view training videos, database guides, investment articles and more, click on the Help & Education tab.

Planning for Retirement?

  • Build, analyze, and edit your investment portfolio with the Portfolio X_Ray tool!
  • Utilize the Retirement Savings Calculator to check on your savings rate and define retirement goals.
  • Look through articles and videos for frequently updated tips and ideas on retirement.

New to Investing?

  • Take an online, self-paced course with Morningstar’s Investing Classroom to begin learning the basics.
  • Utilize the glossary and methodologies when you come across a new term or rating.
  • Watch videos and read commentary from Morningstar and industry experts.

Time to Review Your Investment Portfolio?

  • Look to the articles and videos for updated personal finance tips and commentary.
  • Download the helpful step-by-step electronic guide, “30 Days to Financial Fitness.”
  • Watch Morningstar’s recorded presentations for guidance on building and maintaining your portfolio.