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Introducing Auto-Renewals

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July 6, 2019

Eligible items checked out from the library will now automatically renew!

Starting July 1st  C/W MARS has implemented a new Auto-Renewal procedure, all eligible items patrons have checked out will be renewed automatically on the due date.

Patrons with email addresses in their record will be notified via email when an auto-renewal attempt is made. The email will list the items on which an auto-renewal was attempted, whether the auto-renewal was successful, and if it wasn’t, the reason why, (i.e. MAX_RENEWALS_REACHED).

Note: The auto-renewal feature does not apply to digital items patrons have checked out, only items patrons have physically checked out from the library such as print books, DVDs, magazines, Audio CDs etc.

Why has C/W MARS implemented Auto-Renewals?

  • It saves patrons, time, energy, and in some cases, stress!
  • It helps patrons who might not have access to a phone or computer at the time an item is due.
  • It gives patrons who are traditionally a few days late that extra time they need to return their items.

If a patron doesn’t have an email address on their record, will auto-renewals still occur?

  • Yes! The patron just won’t receive notification that the auto-renewal occurred.

If an item traditionally cannot be renewed, is it still eligible for auto-renewal?

  • No. An email notice will still be generated displaying the loan, that it was not renewed, and the reason why.

Can auto-renewals be turned on/off for certain libraries or patrons?

  • No. Patrons and libraries are not able to opt out.

Can patrons be notified via SMS/text message or other means?

  • No. Currently, auto-renewal attempts can only generate email notices.

Will patrons still receive 2-day Courtesy Notices?

  • Yes. 2 days before an item is due, patrons with email address in their record will continue to be notified via email that the items are due. Items eligible for renewal will be renewed automatically. Proactive patrons and staff will still be able to manually renew the items, as well.