Take a Hike Week!


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Take a Hike Week!

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Mon., 7/19/21 10:00 am
Tue., 7/20/21 10:00 am
Wed., 7/21/21 10:00 am
Thu., 7/22/21 10:00 am
Fri., 7/23/21 10:00 am

You can camp out in a tent in your yard or you can camp out inside your house (a sheet draped over a couple of chairs makes an excellent indoor tent!).  Make some of your favorite camping snacks (S'Mores, anyone?), and have a fun time with your family telling stories and singing songs.

You can earn a badge and raffle tickets in Beanstack for participating in Camp Out Week!  Camp Out Week is officially the week of June 28, but you can earn this badge anytime in the summer!