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It's Bookplate Time!

September 7, 2021

Harvard kids hugely surpassed the 400,000 minute community summer reading goal: the final community reading total is 559,670 minutes!!!!!  WOW!!!

Did you earn a bookplate for reading 30 hours or more?  See the information below about bookplates...


For all of you eager readers who read 30 hours or more this summer and earned a bookplate, come by the library to choose the library book in which your bookplate will go!  Remember that the library book you choose has to be from the children's room of the HPL, and that you can't choose a book that already has a bookplate in it.  But there are tons of awesome new books just waiting for you to discover them, or perhaps you have a favorite that you read this summer that doesn't yet have a bookplate!

Visit the children's desk anytime the library is open to do the bookplate paperwork.  (The library's open hours can be viewed here.)

You have until October 15 to choose the book for your bookplate, but it's always better to come by sooner rather than later so that you don't forget to get your bookplate!

Congratulations on an awesome summer of reading everyone!!