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Smokey Bear Reading Challenge

Celebrate Smokey Bear's 80th Birthday

April 4, 2024

Join Smokey in learning about wildfires and the environment. Read books, take action, and have fun!

Help Smokey celebrate his 80th birthday by learning how to prevent wildfires and help the environment.

Participate in the Smokey Bear Reading Challenge through May 24 in Beanstack:

Join the challenge and earn a cool Smokey Bear pencil, eraser, and sticker!

Read 3 books on wildfire prevention or the environment and earn 4 activity badges to complete the challenge!

Start by taking Smokey’s Pledge. Badges are earned by completing at least one activity in each section.

All kids who complete the challenge will be entered into a raffle for a Smokey Bear stuffed animal! (Three kids will win!)