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Yes! You can still choose your bookplate book!

January 20, 2021


For all of you eager Harvard readers who read more than 30 hours last summer and earned a bookplate, it's not too late to choose the library book in which your bookplate will go!

See the information below about how bookplates work this year.

Bookplate book selection is still open!

Things are a little different this year for bookplate selection, but we are trying to make it as easy as possible!

Bookplate selection began on September 1, but you have until April 30 to choose the book in which your bookplate will go.

Book choice: Remember you only get one bookplate for the summer!  Since your first choice might already have a bookplate in it, please list three ranked book choices of books that are in the children's room of the HPL.  (Hint: all of the Harry Potter books already have bookplates in them, as do the Rick Riordan books.)

Summer reading participants who earned bookplates should send their ranked book choices by email to:

Library staff will check to see if their first choice is available; if not, then we will look at the second choice; if the second choice is not available, then we will look at the third choice.

Additionally, summer reading participants need to choose which style of bookplate they prefer - either Owl or Library.  See the photo for the two bookplate style choices!

Great job reading last summer, everyone!