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Caterpillar Lab ~ All Ages

Wed., 7/3/19 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
no registration required

Come meet some little-known native critters!  The Caterpillar Lab will feature a huge variety of New England caterpillar species munching on their food plants right in front of you.  There will be plenty to see and touch.  Educators from The Caterpillar Lab will teach you all about metamorphosis and tell incredible but true stories about the creatures’ strange and surprising adaptations.  Some caterpillars may be camouflaged to look like twigs or snakes.  Some may have stinging spines or brightly colored baubles.  Some may be as big as hot dogs! You’re sure to see something new!  This drop-in program is well suited for the curious family and seasoned naturalist alike.  Learn more about The Caterpillar Lab at   Drop-in, but get on the list to receive an email reminder!

Call the Children’s Room at (978) 456 – 2381.