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FULLY REGISTERED! No seats available! Chinese Acrobat Li Liu ~ All Ages

Thu., 1/16/20 6:30 pm
registration required

This show is Fully Registered!
We expect to be on a long waitlist for this show; call soon if you would like to be added to the waitlist.  Children’s Room direct line: (978) 456 - 2381

We are very excited to bring this mesmerizing and unique program to the library for a return visit!

Li Liu is a Chinese acrobat originally from the city of Shenyang in The Northeast of China who performs a 45 minute solo show. The performance includes hand balancing, plate spinning, trick cycling, foot juggling, ribbon dancing and Chinese water bowl manipulation.

Li also touches on various aspects of Chinese language, geography and culture while sharing her work and travel experiences with children and parents. Children get a hands-on shot at trying some of the easier (and safer!) skills such as ribbon dancing and basic plate spinning. They learn the historical significance of traditional lion and dragon dances and are encouraged to think about what it might have been like to grow up in a different time and place.

Li Liu’s Chinese Acrobat program is a truly unique blending of entertainment and education, as she wows the crowd with her acrobatic feats and also provides cultural context for her performance. 

Seats are limited ~ please pre-register.

This program is sponsored by The Harvard Public Library Trust.

Contact the Children’s Room at (978) 456 – 2381.