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Playful Engineers presents: Maker Space Build-Along: Chain Reactions!

playful engineers
Wed., 11/29/23 12:30 pm
registration required
Best for Grades K through 6 (younger children with adult supervision): Playful Engineers Teaching Artist Jay Mankita presents an in-person, hands-on event in which participants design, build, test, and play with Rube Goldberg “Machines” – complicated chain reactions accomplishing simple tasks. Participants learn through demonstration, and then through self-directed play, to make kinetic ‘machine’ parts, exploring force and motion, scale, and cause and effect, including catapults, zip-lines, domino towers, and gravity- powered carousels. Jay brings his chain reactions kit from his Traveling Makerspace, with tracks, balls, blocks, cars, action figures, rubberbands, string, tinkertoys, k'nex, and literally thousands of dominoes. Trial & error- focused activities generate multiple opportunities for participants to learn from their success and their failures. We'll hear groans and cheers, as the machines run their course!
Registration is required – attendance is limited to 100 total attendees.