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Yo-Yos, Music & More with Ooch

Photo of a man in a baseball cap doing a trick with a yo-yo
Thu., 12/7/23 6:30 pm
registration required

Yo-Yos, Music & More with Brett Outchcunis – Best for Grades K through 6 (but fun for the whole family!)

You might remember Brett Outchcunis from the Trivia Brothers, but Brett is also a yo-yo professional who once toured with Yomega!  Yo-Yos, Music & More is a show full of fun and exciting yo-yo tricks, awesome music, and lots more. This show is full of yo-yo tricks: the “Elevator,” the “Eiffel Tower,” the “Braintwister,” the “Boing-Boing,” and everything in between.  And in the midst of all the tricks and comedy,

Ooch brings it back to the basics by showing his audience how to properly hold and throw an invisible yo-yo. (Note: This method also works with real yo-yos.)  And there’s music: Ooch has dancified the process of learning how to throw a yo-yo by putting his GRIP-FLIP-FLIP'N'WHIP technique into a funky musical experience!  And there’s more: there are other kinds of skill toys that are similar to the yo-yo and Ooch demonstrates some, including the traditional skill toy of Japan known as the Kendama and the old school spin top; don't blink cuz you never know what skill toy Ooch will bust out next!

Registration is required – seats are limited.

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