Summer Reading 2021 ~ eBooks and eAudiobooks


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How to Access eBooks and eAudiobooks

What do I need to access the eBook and eAudiobook collections?

Depending on the eAudiobook Collection, you will need you will need one or all of the following:

  • Your Harvard Public Library card number.  This is the barcode number on the back of your library card (enter with no spaces)
  • Your Harvard Public Library PIN.  The default PIN for Bromfield students going into grades 7, 8 & 9 should be: Bromfield.  For all other students it is the last four digits of your phone number or your last name in all caps.  If you cannot remember your password click Forget Your Password to set up a new one.  Call the Reference Desk at 978-456-4114 or email with any questions.
  • An email address
  • A password you create

eBooks and eAudiobooks are available in the following collections:

  • OverDrive (C/W MARS Digital Collection) –eBooks & eAudiobooks.  Single use only.  If the title you are interested in is checked out you can place a hold.
  • Freading – eBooks. Always available copies (never any holds).
  • Hoopla – eBooks and eAudiobooks. Always available copies (never any holds).

Why are there three separate collections?

Some publishers restrict their eBooks and eAudiobooks to only one collection while other publishers have no restrictions.  In order to have a wide variety of eBooks and eAudiobooks available to patrons we need more than one collection.

Some eBooks and eAudiobooks will be in all three collections while some will only be available in one collection.  If the eBook or eAudiobook you are looking for is checked out in OverDrive it may be available in another collection.  

Are the eBooks and eAudiobooks always available for checkout?

No. OverDrive allows only one checkout per digital copy (just like a physical book - only one person at a time).  This means that much like physical books, popular titles may have a waitlist.

All of the eBooks in Freading and eBooks and eAudiobooks in hoopla are always available.

Is the checkout time the same length in all the collections?

No.  OverDrive items checkout for 2 weeks, while hoopla eBooks and audiobooks checkout for 3 weeks.

Can I renew the eBook or eAudiobook?

Yes, if no one else has placed a hold on the eBook or eAudiobook, you can renew it a couple of days before the title expires.  You may have to re-download the title.

Can I search for the eBooks and eAudiobooks in the HPL online catalog?

All OverDrive titles are in the Harvard Public Library online catalog and the C/W MARS online catalog:

Freading and hoopla titles are not in the Harvard Public Library online catalog. Freading and hoopla must be searched separately.

Are there app instructions?

Android, Apple & Kindle Fire device app instructions for all digital collections are available online on our website: