The Harvard Seed Library ~ OPEN for the Season


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We hope you have a chance to visit the Seed Library this season!

Our Mission

To facilitate and encourage a community of seed collecting, sharing and saving of biodiverse seeds.

What is a seed Library?

The Harvard Seed Library is one of a handful of seed libraries in Massachusetts! We allow you the opportunity to borrow heirloom, organic seeds from our library and bring them home to plant.  All we ask is that you return some of the next generation seeds for other patrons to borrow. And thus we sustain our library! 

Why save seeds?

Seed saving promotes biodiversity and cultivates our local plant varieties. By saving heirloom and open polinated seeds we increase the ability for our community to feed itself healthy wholesome food!


  1. Simply select your seed packet from the seed shelf.
  2. Fill out the check out binder.
  3. When you are ready to return seeds, there are return forms and envelopes available right here!

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