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Call us at 978-456-4114, email reference@harvardpubliclibrary.org or visit the Reference or Circulation Desk. Tell us what you want and we will take it from there.

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  1. Begin your search with the Harvard Public Library Catalog
  2. Expand your search to the C/W MARS Catalog

    The C/W MARS catalog contains the holdings of more than 140 Massachusetts libraries. It has a combined collection of eight and a half million items and more than 2.5 million titles.

    You can request most items (place a hold) directly from the online catalog and have them delivered to the Harvard Public Library. (C/W MARS Catalog Searching Help)

  3. Next search the Commonwealth Catalog

    If the C/W MARS catalog does not have the item, it is time to look in the Commonwealth Catalog.

    The Commonwealth Catalog extends your search beyond C/W MARS’s resources. In one easy step, you can search through millions of items at participating libraries across Massachusetts to find the books, DVDs, and music you are looking for. You use your Harvard Public Library card and PIN number to request items, just like you would do through the C/W MARS catalog. Your item will be delivered to the Harvard Public Library.

    Please note: Libraries share items across the state, but it is always faster and more cost effective to check locally first, so if the C/W MARS catalog does not have the item, then look for it in the Commonwealth Catalog.

  4. If what you want cannot be borrowed through the C/W MARS Catalog or the Commonwealth Catalog please contact the Reference Desk

    Phone: 978-456-4114
    Email: reference@harvardpubliclibrary.org

    We cannot guarantee we will be able to borrow the item, but we are happy to try.