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Row Twelve Chamber Ensemble

Sun., 9/24/23 2:00 pm
The Green World: Mountains and Valleys: A Concert of Music, Dance, Film, and Poetry
Row Twelve Chamber Ensemble
“Where Are We Going?” will be a program of classical music, jazz, film, and poetry, including:
  • Theme and Variations on “Red River Valley” by David Amram
  • Alpine Scenes by Benjamin Britten
  • Poetry by Karen Henry, Judson Evans, and Samanthe Shaffer
  • A short film by Whitney Lauritsen
  • Jazz improvisations on Hushabye Mountain, On a Clear Day, and Green Dolphin Street
  • Shadow and Shade, by Jeffrey Wu
Row Twelve Chamber Ensemble, founded in 1987, specializes in bringing innovative modern works to New England audiences through the lyrical medium of chamber music. Row Twelve is committed to helping audiences realize the beauty, emotion, and power of the music. We feel that the intimacy of the chamber setting is ideal for enjoying the wonderful music of yesterday and today. A branch of the Boston Theater Group, Row Twelve focuses on programs that combine music and poetry. Row Twelve regularly works with dancers, writers, and visual artists. It has premiered dozens of new compositions and performance pieces.
Performers will include Andy Brewster, bass; Caryl Sickul, dance; Karen Henry, poet; Katherine Kleitz, flute; Marc Lauritsen, piano; and Jeffrey Wu, saxophone.